Private Candle-Making with Whitney

So, I thought it would be fun to start offering private parties! Here is a bit of information and there is a form to submit a quote request at the bottom!

What is a private candle-making party?

Think of them as the WHOLE process, start to finish. You and your guests will learn about my business and some information on candles. 

You will get to create your own scents. All participants will have the option to mix scents together and create their signature smells.

Afterwards, you will melt and mix your candles.

They will need some time to cool, but after that, we decorate! I have 24k gold, spices, dried flowers and more to make your candles uniquely yours!

Finally, you have to name your candle and take it home!

Where do private parties take place?

I come to you! This is something that can be done at your home. I will provide all necessary supplies and tables. Ideally, a porch/screened in porch would work best, but it can be done inside with windows open. I am willing to drive a maximum of 30 miles from Fayetteville city center. Parties that are further than that will be an additional charge and at my discretion. 

How long to private parties take?

Minimum 3 hours from arrival to leaving. Larger parties will require a larger time-slot, so be aware of that. You do not have to do anything for set up or clean up, that is all for me!

Why should I have a candle-making party?

I mean, do I have to answer this one?!? Birthdays, girls' nights, boys' nights, anniversaries, work parties...get your husband out of the house night. Whatever!

Ok this sounds great, but how much does it cost?

I am going to break down the cost for you.

Each person will make a 16 oz multi wick candle.

Each person will also be provided with 1 sheet of 24k gold and unlimited use of spices and flowers. 

The cost is $250 for up to 5 people. Each additional person is $50. The product alone is $35, so I am only charging $15 a person for myself. I like to be transparent with pricing. 

Tipping is appreciated, but not necessary. I don't want cost to prevent people from having a super-cool experience. 





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